here’s how we vet our partners


First and foremost, we’re on your side, and here to help streamline the decisions you have to make in adulthood so you can get it right the first time. From which credit card is best for cashback on Uber to which mattress is best for side sleepers, we’ve done the homework and taken the extraneous options out of the running. These are not your parents’ products or services, they’re made for you and we’ve vetted them for quality and experience.

We’ve done the homework and have curated these services to help you get it together in the real world. Our team has touched, experienced, and talked to, each and every product (yes, even the ones that don’t talk back). And we have high standards, so you should expect only the best. We rank them on things like functionality, user experience, customer service availability, design, and value, and only put products on our site that we stand behind. 

We’re in this for you, and believe transparency is important to maintaining your trust. To keep the lights on, some of the brands featured on our site may pay us back for paying our recommendations forward. We build our bottom line when you build your playbook - but that being said, we’re in this for the long run, and are building a community of people who want to work together to build a better version of growing up.

In the products you use and love, you’re just as much of an expert as we are - your friends trust you to give them the real talk, and that’s why we want you to pay forward your experiences just as we can pay forward the research. 

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